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Delivering sales information with details of your company and special offers direct to the businesses in your target markets is a proven tool for generating new sales leads and keeping existing customers up to date. Sendintg them by email or fax has many advantages over other methods of delivery. Runs are simple to set up and delivery can start within the hour. You are assured of good response rates and this is the most cost effective method of getting your flyers direct to the right people. Sending them to the right people at the right time, delivers the information that leads to future sales. 

You Benefit 

With our unique, free to use, fully GDPR compliant contact databases, you can safely target your sales messages direct to to those businesses who have need of your products and services. By focusing your marketing this way you have the greatest chance of getting good results. More importantly, you benefit from keeping your company, products and services to the forefront of recipients minds when buying decisions are being made. 

 You Save 

With its immediate impact, direct marketing by fax and email consistantly gets better response rates than similar methods of promoting a company. It enables them to measure the results and make subsequent marketing more tightly focused. Setting up direct marketing by fax or email with HFdata Ltd. is simple. We don't sell or supply contact data. Instead, we give you free use of our very large fax and email GDPR compliant databases to select your market. HFdata Ltd. can deliver your flyers at very competitive rates (check our low costs above). This way, you don't have to worry about keeping your contact files up to date or if you are breaking any data protection laws . 

 Contact Databases
Check the types, numbers and locations of businesses that we can access for you using the email or fax database tabs above. Email us with your requirements of the types of companies (I.D. codes) and/or the geographical areas that you want covered (by either country, region or postcode). We will quickly do a count and email back the total numbers that we list and the cost. Supply us with your flyer (word, pdf or similar), let us know when you want it sent and we will do the rest. 
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