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Fax Database

This is where you can select the types of companies that you want to send your fax messages to. The database is a simplified version of the UK Standard Industry Codes (UKSIC). To make selection easier, we have compressed the 400 odd UKSIC codes into ten main categories of types of company and sixty-eight sub-categories. A complete list of all the business types and numbers of companies can be downloaded below.  
In accordance with the GDPR regulations, we don't store any personal information. All our data is held in a secure, encryped database that is password protected against hacking. The ten main categories and numbers of companies throughout the UK are - 
Manufacturing & Industrial - 44,160 
Construction Industry - 20,298 
Sell & Repair Motor Vehicles - 11,614 
Wholesale, Retail & Manufacturers Agents - 34,950 
Hospitality, Culture & Recreation - 16,685 
Transport, Travel & Storage - 9,832 
Finance, Insurance, Estate & Property Agents - 12,555 
Computing, Telecoms., Office Supply & Securiyu - 8,190 
Business & Professional Services - 22,340 
Public Services, Education & Health - 26,321 
Selection can also be made geographically by country, region or postcode area and a listing, along with the postcode map of the UK, can be downloaded below.