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For emails we have a minimum invoice value of £100.00 + VAT. That covers for up to 50,000 emails sent.  

 50,000 sent @ 0.2p per email= £100.00
100,000 sent @ 0,15p per email = £175.00
 200,000 sent @ 0.15p = £300.00
500,000 sent @ 0.125p = £625.00
above 500,00 sent please call us.

For amounts between these numbers call or email us with your requirements.

 Fax costs are simpler as we just charge for the total number of pages sent.
We have a minimum order of £60.00 + VAT
Up to 10,000 faxes sent the cost is 1.5p per page. 
Up to 25,000 faxes sent the cost is 1.25p per page. 
Up to 50,000 faxes sent the cost is 1.0p per page. 
Up to 100,000 faxes sent the cost is 0.85p per page. 
More than 100,000 faxes sent the cost is 0.7p per page. 

In practice the easiest way is to email your requirements to us at info@hfdata.co.uk and we will advise you the total numbers of emails and faxes that we list and the cost. We only charge you for 90% of the total numbers we list as, for various temporary reasons we never get through to all 100%,  
All prices quoted above are exclusive of VAT @ 20%.