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For the past 21 years, HFdata Ltd.has been delivering sales and marketing information for companies throughout the UK. Information sent to their target markets advising potential customers of their services, special offers,updates, etc. and ensuring that their name is kept firmly at the forefront of recipients minds.

Delivering these sales messages by fax and email is the quickest and most cost-effective way to communicate your sales information direct to potential and existing customers. By delivering relevant information almost 'face-to-face', they quickly generate positive responses and kick-starts the dialog which leads to future orders.

Our large, free to use, contact databases are specifically designed to simplify selection of your target market by any combination of business type, geographic location and number of employees, ensuring that you get maximum exposure of your companies products and services.

. Details, in MS Word format, of the types and numbers of companies that we can access for you, along with a note of our very low costs, can be downloaded via the links below. All data complies with current legislation and is considered opt-in. If we can provide the data sheets by email or any further information, contact us -

tel: 0141-955 0041, fax: 0141-955 1541, email: info@hfdata.co.uk

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